Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping

October 12, 2016 0 Comments

Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping

An article released on the BBC website states that in 2015 there were 2.6 million current or ex-smokers in the UK who now use electronic cigarettes - almost four times as many as in 2010. We took this article and summarised the key findings. The article can be found at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zyb7tyc

Data from the Stroke Association, Action of Smoking and Health, CDC Surgeon General's Report 2014 and the Tobacco Manufacturer's Association suggest that tobacco can cause harm in the following ways:

  • Around £3,000 a year for 20 a day in terms of cost.
  • 10 years shorter lifespan on average.
  • Causes 80% of lung cancer deaths.
  • 3 times higher risk of stroke in the average smoker.
  • There are more than 7,000 chemicals in smoke, many of them toxic.
  • 600,000 global deaths a year from passive smoking.

 In terms of how Vaping compares:

  • Less potential for harm - electronic cigarette vapour contains much lower levels of toxic chemicals. In 2015, Public Health England estimated vaping to be about 95% safer than smoking.
  • Harm to others - tobacco smoke stays in the air for up to 2.5 hours, so nearby non-smokers can inhale toxic chemicals too. To date, studies suggest that passive bystanders inhale much less nicotine from electronic cigarette vapour than from second-hand cigarette smoke and hardly any toxins.
  • Expensive habit - as of 2015, a premium brand of 20 cigarettes typically costed over £9. This ongoing cost has risen in recent years with increasing tax. An electronic cigarette starter kit costs £20 or more. Ejuices are priced at approximately half that.
  • Messy and smelly - smoking produces messy ash and a lingering odour on smokers' clothes and breath. It turns teeth and fingers yellow and makes skin age prematurely. Electronic cigarettes are cleaner - there's no smoke or ash associated with them and teeth aren't discoloured, and skin's not aged.

Of course there are those that express concerns over electronic cigarettes and state that they are not completely risk-free. Whilst there is not yet enough long-term research on electronic cigarettes to know for sure, many scientists, such as those working with Public Health England think the risks are likely to be low - and certainly much lower than with tobacco.

Nicotine of course remains highly addictive but according to Public Health England, scientists believe the level of nicotine in electronic cigarettes are unlikely to pose any significant health risk.

We think electronic cigarettes are the future. With more and more people taking up vaping, are you ready to making your own mind up? 

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