Vaping Etiquette and your Electronic Cigarette

October 12, 2016 0 Comments

Vaping Etiquette and your Electronic Cigarette

Now you've bought your electronic cigarette, you've joined a new group of cool vapers. Well done. 

Electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity very quickly. Here are some quick guidelines for those of you just starting out.

Consideration is a must

Everyone likes to vape like a god. Lots of flavour and big cloud production - powerful box mods and sub-ohm ejuice, wonderful aren't they?

Well when you vape, the smell released may be fruity and delicious, and the vapour may be harmless, but the public may think differently. 

This may be because of the mistaken belief that inhaling your vapours is much like second hand smoking. Whilst this is not true, the public have built up an image of the damaging effects traditional smoking can have for smokers and those around them, and quite rightly so. It will take time for people to understand that vaping is not the same thing as smoking.

Demonstrating good vaping etiquette is the best way to win this acceptance.

Encourage vaping

Vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. The main finding of an evidence review carried out by Public Health England, a government agency that aims to protect and improve the nation's health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities has found that:

  • The use of electronic cigarettes have risen and they are now the most popular quitting aid in England.
  • Electronic cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoking.
  • Electronic cigarettes release negligible amounts of nicotine into the environment, and no health risks to others through passive smoking have been identified.

Traditional cigarettes may contain dangerous chemicals that can increase the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and stroke.

With electronic cigarettes you can gradually cut back on your nicotine consumption - you can even carry on vaping after you've quit the habit, with a range of flavoured 0% nicotine vapes available. 

So encourage friends and family that are smokers to try one of our great electronic cigarette start kits. 

Try different flavours

It would be rude not to given the choice that's available these days. We recommend you try premium ejuice - that way you can better enjoy your vaping experience and make the most out of your electronic cigarette. We currently sell a range of premium ejuices and are planning to regularly release new flavours.

Only use ejuice in your electronic cigarette

This does kind of go without saying.

Electronic cigarettes are meant to be used with ejuices and nothing else. 

By filling your electronic cigarette with any other substance you could damage the equipment or end up inhaling something unsafe.

Now that you're ready to go enjoy vaping and be responsible!

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