About Us

Who we are 

We are a UK based online Vape Store bringing quality E-liquids, E-Cigarettes and Vaping supplies to the Vaping community.

Refining our approach to business, listening to what our customers, friends, and family have to say and continuously improving, enhancing and delivering change is what we do to become better and better.

Our company logo for example was designed specifically to represented love and to reflect the health advantages Vaping has over smoking.

luvejuice UK Vape Store

Attention to detail is important.

Our business

As things started taking off we realised customers liked the brand and saw something different in us.

We grew largely through word of mouth, our friends told other friends that we were different.

The strategy right from the very start was building a trusted brand, that would be liked and one day loved. That in itself would bring about success.     

We make our brand accessible to people who have a passion for Vaping and connect with each one of them in a personalised way. No matter how big we become we will make sure that we deliver consistent quality service by hiring and training the right people to help us in our journey.

We love what we do and have a passion for it. You know you love what you do when you wake up the next morning hungry for more and always looking for ways to improve and develop.

Our E-liquids

Our E-liquids are made in the UK. The UK produces some of the very best E-liquids and because we're a British company we want to do our best to support our domestic market. We work with major manufacturers in the UK to deliver quality products to our customers and will continue to do what we can to support Vaping in the UK. We have a wide collection of E-liquid flavours, so whether you like Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon, Menthol or Tobacco, we've got it covered.
We launched the limited edition KOTIS brand in 2016. We had lots of positive feedback on the quality of the bottle design and labels, but people were most impressed with the smell of the E-liquid and it’s flavour. With so many E-liquid brands out there tasting almost the same in some sort of weird way, we wanted something that people immediately thought of as being unique. 
When people tried KOTIS E-liquids, we were always greeted with a positive response.


Quality for us is definitely more important than quantity. We want to be the best at what we do and getting the approach right at the beginning drove us forward steadily on the right path.

This is why we only sell a limited number of products, hand selected for being the best and guaranteed to meet our high standards, something we’re really proud of. A lot of people see the luvejuice brand and say there’s something different about it.  

There is a wealth of information on our website for customers to access and we update the site on an ongoing basis so as to provide a pleasurable shopping experience through a well structured and easy to use platform.

It’s all about the little details that add up to this finalised product, our brand.

Our E-liquids are made in state-of-the-art fully automated facilities with ISO Class 7 certified cleanrooms and undergo extensive testing to ensure consistent vapour and great taste. They are made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced within the EU and contain Nicotine, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerol (VG), and food grade flavouring which is thermally stable when vapourized.
E-liquids made in the UK
We review all of our products ourselves after our manufacturers have completed their quality assurance processes - if they don't pass our evaluation tests they won't appear on our store. We stand behind every product we sell because we've used it and tested it to make sure it performs as it should.
The mentality of selling only what we would like to buy, reviewing our products personally, seeing the standard to which they are produced and assessing the overall quality of our suppliers before launching a new product on our site is something we take seriously.

We are motivated and fuelled by this approach to success and want to keep on going delivering this consistent level of excellence to our customers. This passion for excellence is really what started luvejuice and will continue to keep luvejuice going.

At luvejuice this is our number one priority and what sets us apart. Be kind to your customers, treat them with the same level of respect you would want to be treated with and deal with them in a helpful and professional manner. It’s not that hard to get this right, just put yourself in their shoes and make the experience of shopping with you straightforward and painless.

Treat your customers like your friends and you won’t go far wrong.

We’re after loyal customers, word of mouth recommendations and repeat business. We naturally use social media to promote our brand because technology offers us the opportunity to connect with thousands of people instantly. But it’s more about staying in touch with our loyal customers rather than advertising on an ongoing repetitive fashion in the hope we will attract more followers.

We’re about quality, not quantity. It’s all about our commitment to our customers and our brand. 

Make quality an overriding factor. It will serve you well and you’ll become known for it.

We rely on the support of friends and family, work colleagues, suppliers and the feedback from our customers to develop and improve our business. We're all about building a trusting relationships with the people we interact with and this works well for the business.

We work in an open, transparent and honest fashion. This is part of who we are as people and this principle flows through everything we do in the business.