Vaping Glossary

Welcome to the luvejuice Vaping Glossary where you can find out everything you need about Vaping terminology. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



Supplemental parts which are used either for maintaining or enhancing your e-cigarette. These may include such items as spare batteries, replacement coils, cases, etc.


A thread adapter allows the user to use an atomizer with a battery of a different model. A common example is connecting a 901 battery with a 510 atomizer. Just think of it as a bridge to help connect two normally incompatible devices together.

Advanced Personal Vaporiser (APV):

A term used by Vapers to refer to a modern electronic cigarette, usually a more advanced model with bigger more powerful batteries and a host of features such as variable voltage settings or variable wattage settings. Commonly also referred to as a Mod.


A feature which is common on most tanks that allows air to be channelled to the coils and wick. This allows for more vapour as well as a cooler vape. Most tanks come with an Air Flow Control which allows the Vaper to open / close the vents to achieve a different kind of Vaping experience.

All Day Vape (ADV):

An E-liquid which is suitable for all day vaping.


Amp or Ampere is a unit of electric current. Amperage relates to the flow of energy along an electrical circuit.

Analogue Cigarette:

A term used to refer to a traditional tobacco cigarette.


Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). Established in 1971 by the Royal College of Physicians, ASH is a campaigning public health charity that works to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco. View the Action on Smoking and Health website.


A large vaping brand that produces e-cigarettes, tanks and accessories. They make the Aspire K2, K3 and K4 kits, to name just a few. 


Written as Atomizer in the US. This is the electrical heating component which turns the e-liquid in your electronic cigarette tank to vapour. Atomisers need replacing depending on usage as they are consumable items with a limited life-span. The typical timeframe for replacing an Atomiser is every few weeks.


Another name used for an Atomiser.



They power the e-cigarette. Batteries vary in specification because vaping kits vary in terms of their power requirements and some batteries are required to deliver more power than others in order to heat up the coil inside the clearomizer. Batteries are categorized according to their size and shape (usually denoted by a specific code e.g. an 18650 battery), their voltage rating (the higher the voltage the higher the flow of electrical current), and their capacity (the amount of electrical charge they can hold and how long the device the battery is powering will run for before it needs recharging). The higher the mAh (milliampere hour) specification a battery has, the more units of charge it holds. Crudely, you can say that a 1000mAh battery can supply 1000mA for one hour, not taking into account its discharge rate.

We recommend that you never leave batteries unattended whilst they are charging and that they are looked after and used with caution.

View our Battery Safety and Charging Guide.

Bottom Coil Clearomiser (BCC):

A Clearomiser which has an Atomiser and heating coil that are located at the bottom of the Clearomiser tank. 

Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser (BDC):

A Clearomiser which has an Atomiser and heating coil that are located at the bottom of the Clearomiser tank but has two coils, which produce more vapour. Being a BDC, this means that more power is required from the battery to fire up two coils which means the batteries do not last as long.

Bottom Vertical Coil Clearomiser (BVC):

A Clearomiser which has Atomiser and heating coil that are located at the bottom of the Clearomiser tank but which are set-up in a vertical configuration. This is to allow better airflow. 


Refers to a Vaper that prefers box mods.


Usually a small U shaped wire covering over the Atomizer coils.

Box Mods:

A box mod is much like a classic electronic cigarette but the base is shaped like a box (hence the name) and produces more power (thus requiring more powerful batteries).  Many powerful devices will use two 18650 type batteries. More power means more vapour production and depending on the coil and tank you're using, better flavour and cloud production.


Car Adapter:

A device that allows you to connect a USB charger and charge your e-cig on the go via your car's cigarette lighter.


Chemicals thought to cause cancer.


This is a device that contains an atomizer, and material that wraps around the heating coil. They are a lot like Clearomisers in that they both have a coil and a tank, but typically cartomisers are packaged with a material known as poly-fill. This material soaks up the e-juice. Cartomizers were originally designed as disposables, and whilst they can be refilled, doing so can be more trouble than it's worth and the experience might not be the same because the tank is difficult to clean properly, especially if you want to use different flavours. These days, most people tend to use Atomizers given the advancements in e-cigarette technology. Cartomisers are usually sold with pre-filled e-liquid. 


This is a device used to charge the e-cig battery. They can be USB type chargers which connect to a USB port, to a car charger Adapter or that plug into a socket. If you have a device with removable batteries you can also buy standalone chargers, like the Intellicharger i2.


These are electronic cigarettes that are very similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes in both look and dimensions. They are intended to look and feel as much like a traditional e-cig as possible, even the filter pattern is almost the same. But they are electronic cigarattes and instead feature an LED tip that lights up with the ecig is activated! They are small and light, convenient for many beginners.


This is a coil that is made with a large gauge of wire that is wrapped around a smaller gauge of wire. It is a special type of ecig coil that is used to offer more surface area to the Wick.


Spelt as Clearomizers in the US. The tank which holds e-liquid. Clearomisers have built in Atomizers, which are replaceable. They allow the Vaper to see how much eliquid remains because they are a transparent version of a Cartomizer. The material used to make a Clearomizer is typically plastic and they vary in design typically holding between 2-3ml of juice. 


This is a copy of an e-cig. They are not genuine products. They are often cheaper than the genuine articles and may be of a cheaper build quality. Some Vapers choose to use them because of cost, although given that they may not offer the same performance or undergo the same quality control checks during manufacturing, many people prefer to stick with genuine goods that have a quality seals of approvals from the manufacturer. At luvejuice we only sell genuine goods.  

Cloud Chaser:

Vapers who try to get large clouds of vapour by using sub-ohm vaping devices which are high powered devices with sub-ohm rated Atomizers. Many Vapers do tricks and shows with sub-ohm vaping devices and are known as Cloud Chasers.


This is the part of the electronic cigarette that is used to heat up the E-liquid and turn it into vapour. Coils come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each produce different flavours depending on their construction and ohm rating. Standard coils are rated between one ohm and three ohms. Sub ohm coils are coils that are rated less than one ohm. They are typically a wrapped wire attached to an Atomizer and when the electronic cigarette is fired up, they glow a bright orange colour and are used to heat up the ejuice by way of heating up the Wick that is situated in or around the coil, thus allowing the juice to be vapourised.  Coils have a limited lifespan and need replacing, depending of course on how much you vape, but typically anywhere between 2-4 weeks. As you become a more experienced vaper, you will recognise the signs that your coil needs replacing. Typical symptoms include less vapour production, less flavour, and/or burning taste/smell when vaping. 

Coil Jig:

A device used for rebuilding coils, making the process easier.

Coil Winder:

A tool used for winding coil giving perfect results almost every time.

Custom Mod:

An electronic cigarette that has been modified uniquely by the user.


This is a safety feature on most modern e-cigs which shuts down power to the unit. The purpose of it is really to stop the Atomiser from overheating, especially when used for a prolonged period of time.



The base which holds the positive and negative posts of an RBA or RDA, and is designed to prevent E-liquid from flowing onto the battery connection.


The process of removing the Wick from the Atomiser.


Found in some e-liquids, Diacetyl is considered harmful to Vapers. Commonly associated with a term called popcorn lung because it is an ingredient used in popcorn and carries an intense buttery flavour. None of the E-liquids sold by luvejuice contain Diacetyl. 


When an atomizer is dipped into e-liquid for Vaping.

Direct to Lung: 

When the vapour is inhaled directly into the lung without first being held in the mouth. In contrast to Mouth to Lung Vaping. Direct to Lung involves inhaling deeply, drawing in a deep vapour into the lungs. This method of vaping is commonly associated with sub-ohn vaping and can give a satisfying vape. The throat hit is often more intense so level of Propylene Glycol (PG) and nicotine are often reduced. Hence the term max VG e-liquids which have a higher ratio of Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

Disposable E-cig:

As the name suggests, once the e-liquid has finished they are disposed off. Used for convenience and not normally associated with Vapers who prefer lots of flavour and big clouds. 

Drip Tip:

This is simply the mouth piece of an electronic cigarette which is attached to the tank (clearomizer) of the ecig. There are various shapes and sizes, all easily interchangeable on most e-cigs. There are also a variety of different colours, used to personalise vaping devices. But importantly they can be removed and cleaned for hygiene purposes.


An Atomizer that allows a Vaper to drip E-liquid into the Wick. 

Dry burn:

When a Vaper, usually on purpose, activates their electronic cigarette to burn off residue. Without care, this can be dangerous as the cotton that the eliquid usually saturates may catch fire.

Dry Hit:

When a Vaper activates an e-cigarette which does not have enough E-liquid in it to saturate the Wick resulting in an unpleasant taste. 



Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA). Founded in 2010, ECITA is claimed to be the longest-running trade association for the electronic cigarette industry in the world. View the ECITA website.

Electronic cigarette:

Whilst varying in power and sophistication, fundamentally all electronic cigarettes perform the same function. They have a battery (either built-in or external), a charger for charging the battery, and a Clearomizer or Atomizer (terms generally used interchangeably) for holding the ejuice and delivering it in a vapourised form. The Atomizer head contains a coil (the element that is heated) and cotton to absorb the ejuice. The e-cigarette, when activated heats the e-liquid, which makes it evaporate to form water vapour, hence the term vaping. 


E-liquids come in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours and consist of four ingredients:

  • Nicotine;
  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG);
  • Propylene Glycol (PG); and
  • Flavouring

The flavouring in e-liquids is the same as food flavourings, but some have been specially created for vaping. You can even mix two or more flavours together to make new blends. For example, if you like menthol, but enjoy tobacco, mix them up in different proportions and see what you get. All of our e liquids are made in the UK in state-of-the-art fully automated facilities with ISO Class 7 certified cleanrooms. They're all tested for consistency and flavour, so rest assured, you're buying quality.


Flavour Chaser:

A Vaper who prioritises flavour in place of vapour, or a Cloud Chaser.


This occurs when too much e-liquid is placed in the atomizer. Usually a sign of this is a gurgling sound.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, the US food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. View the FDA Website.


Grub Screws:

They are screws without a typical screw head and are used on Atomizer posts because the tip is pointed to better secure the wires. 



A device with an inbuilt tank.


The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA):

The IBVTA is a not-for-profit, non-political trade association supporting members through the immediate challenges of TPD implementation and supports the independent vape industry representing all responsible and ethical independent vaping businesses in the UK. View the IBVTA Website.


A large vaping brand that produced e-cigarettes, tanks and accessories. They make the Smartbox, Cool Fire, Endura, to name just a few.



These are a unit of power, or a measure of the work done.


A term used interchangeably with E-liquid, E-juice, ejuice, eliquid, etc.



A large vaping brand that produces e-cigarettes, tanks and accessories. They make the KBox, EVOD, to name just a few. 


A brand of resistance wire used for building coils for electronic cigarettes. Mostly used for rebuildable atomizers. 



Used to refer to e-juice that is leaking from the tank because the cotton cannot absorb all of the e-liquid, meaning the excess juice will leak from the airflow holes. Leaking can also occur if the seals used in the tank have perished over time and need replacing because they can no longer perform as they should. Excessive leaking can flow onto the battery and into the electronics of the e-cig, causing irreparable damage to the device and even causing it to short out. Care should be taken to prevent leaking which means not over filling e-cigarettes with too much e liquid and ensuring proper maintenance of tanks.


Stands for Light Emitting Diode (LED). Usually present on electronic cigarettes and turns on when the Vaper inhales. Some e-cigs have sophisticated display screens which provide real time information on wattage and voltage settings, battery levels, etc.



This is an abbreviation for Milliampere-hour, which describes the energy or charge a battery can hold before requiring a recharge. The higher the mAh number, the more energy a battery will hold and the longer it will typically last compared to a battery with a lower mAh specification.

Mechanical Mod: 

An e-cigarette that does not use electronics, it is simply a metal tube with a mechanical switch containing a battery and an attachment that allows a top to be connected to it. As such this type of e-cigarette offers no adjustment or protection.


Refers to the milligram strength per millilitre (ml) of nicotine contained within an e-liquid. It's a unit of measurement for nicotine strength.


Refers to millilitres and is associated in the Vaping world as the number of ml a bottle of juice contains. 


This stands for modification and relates to any kind of e-cigarette or vaping device that has been modified and commonly associated with any electronic cigarette that looks like a box. Typically these types of e-cigs offer more power and functionality.

Mouth to Lung (MTL):

This in contrast to Direct to Lung vaping. A vaper draws the vapour into their mouth first before inhaling it to their lungs by taking a long draw and letting their mouth fill with vapour. After that the vaper inhales the vapour into their lungs, very similar to how traditional cigarettes are smoked. This method of vaping is more subtle and involves less of a throat hit. Typically used with electronic cigarettes that have higher ohm rated coils (above one ohm), narrower Drip Tips and lower powered batteries. 


Nickel Wire:

Nickel Chrome or nichrome wire. Used to measure the temperature of the coil in temperature control mods.


Contained in traditional tobacco cigarettes and now e-liquids used in e-cigarettes, this substance is a liquid that acts as a stimulant in small doses.



This is a measure of electrical resistance in an Atomizer. Some coils have an electrical resistance of more than one ohm whereas others have an electrical resistance of less than one ohm, thereby making them sub-ohm. With less resistance, sub ohm coils are the coil of choice for advanced Vapers because they can increase the power to create more vapour and flavour.



A type of connection that allowers a Vaper to use their e-cigarette to Vape whilst it is charging. Typically plugs into a computer USB port.


This is the process of preparing a new coil for its first ever use and involves making sure the coil is soaked in e liquid to reduce the risk of a dry burn and prolong the life of the coil.

Propylene Glycol (PG):

It is a colourless liquid and one of the key ingredients used to make E-liquid. 


Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA):

This is an Atomizer that can be rebuilt, as the name suggests. The purpose of these are to allow the Vaper to build the Atomizer to their specification and is usually a more cost effective means for Vaping whilst managing the flavour and vapour produced.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RBA):

An RDA allows the Vaper to create their own coil, manually insert their own cotton and then drip e-liquid onto the cotton. It requires the Vaper to drip ejuice onto the cotton frequently to keep it saturated with E-liquid. RDAs are known for big clouds of vapour and great flavour production. 

Rebuildable Tank Atomzier (RTA):

Similar to an RDA, an RTA can also be rebuilt but as the name suggests, it has a tank sitting on top of it which means it provides convenience as the Vaper does not need to keep dripping e liquid onto the cotton to keep it saturated.


Short Circuit:

Unintended contact of components and consequent accidental diversion of electrical current that may cause a vaping device to fail. Many e-cigarettes have safety mechanisms in place to prevent this happening.

Starter Kit:

This is an e-cigarette kit that typically comes with everything a Vaper needs to get started, including a battery, charger, Atomiser and perhaps some e-liquid.


The process by which an E-liquid is left to sit or age in the open air in order to improve the flavour of the ejuice. The period of time the e-liquid should sit varies but can typically be a few weeks. The Steeping process can often be expedited by mixing the eliquid. E-liquid should be stored in a cool, dark place. Some flavours may take longer to steep than others. 


These are box mods that have modified 510 connections which have a bottle of juice that is directly attached to the coil in the Mod which is then squonked or squeezed to push the liquid into the tank. 


An ohm is a measure of resistance. All clearomizers contain a coil and a coil's resistance is expressed in ohms. Most standard or classic replacement coils for Clearomizers are between 1.2 ohms and 2.0 ohms. Sub-ohm vaping is simply vaping with a coil that has a resistance of less than one ohm (hence the term sub-ohm).  The less resistance the coil has, the more clouds, vapour, and flavour the Vaper gets. With regular vaping, the user will draw the vapour into their mouth, then inhale into their lungs. With sub-ohm vaping, the user will directly inhale into their lungs and produce much bigger "clouds" of vapour.  This is also known as "Cloud Chasing" and is becoming an increasingly popular way of vaping.

Another important point to note is that sub-ohm ejuices contain a higher ratio of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) compared to Propylene Glycol (PG) which means that you get thicker, denser clouds of vapour, and better flavour - which is why it is important that you select the right ejuice for the type of electronic cigarette you have. We recommend that sub-ohm ejuices should only be used in sub-ohm devices. Intermediate to advanced vapers typically opt for sub-ohm devices, whilst beginners typically opt for classic electronic cigarettes (and of course classic premium ejuices). We sell both types of ejuices in our store, easily categorised so you can tell the difference, with descriptions as to their VG/PG ratios.

Sub-ohm vaping is an ever growing part of the vaping scene and one you might want to consider once you've got to grip with the basics. Once you've tried sub-ohm vaping using a quality vaping device you're unlikely to go back to a classic electronic cigarette!   

Sub-ohm Tank:

The tank that contains max VG sub-ohm e-liquid that is capable of using low resistance coils, less than one ohm in resistance. 


Temperature Control (TC):

An e-cig that has the capability of adjusting the temperature at which the Atomiser operates.

Throat Hit:

The feeling an e-cigarette Vaper experiences when the vapour hits their throat. It is supposed to mimic the sensation or kick a traditional tobacco cigarette provides. 



To inhale vapour from an electronic cigarette. It is the act of Vaping.


Someone who Vapes.

Vaper's tongue:

When a Vaper vapes too much and can no longer taste the e-liquid flavour as well. Typically it lasts for a few days and can be cured by changing e-liquid. Some say menthol e-liquids refresh the taste buds and that keeping hydrated also helps.

Variable Voltage:

This is an electronic cigarette that has the capability of altering it's voltage. See definition of Volt below. Voltage is altered by Vapers to change flavour and vapour production depending on how they wish to Vape.

Variable Wattage:

An e-cigarette that has the capability to allow the user to alter the wattage.

Vent holes:

Holes designed as a safety feature in the casing of high-end mods to vent battery gases away in case of a battery explosion. 

Vegetable Glycerine (VG):

One of the ingredients used to produce E-liquid, which is sweet tasting and thicker, or has a different consistency to Propylene Glycol (PG), with a slightly different taste also. It has a distinct mouth and throat sensation when vaped and the "hit" from VG fluid is smoother than that from PG fluid. Ejuices termed max VG for example are thicker eliquids used for sub-ohm vaping and this one of the reasons why, because they are smoother. VG is a natural ingredient derived from vegetable oil, clear, colourless and odourless. Sometimes VG is also used because some people have a sensitivity to PG. Most e-liquids typically have a mixture of both PG and VG in varying concentrations.



A unit of power equivalent to one joule per second. 


This is a material, usually a small piece of cotton, that is used to absorb and hold the e-liquid so that the e-liquid can be vapourised when they coil is activated. 


When making a coil manually, this is a single revolution of a wire. Some coils can have any number of wraps depending on the resistance required and the material used to create the coil.


Zero Nic:

Simply means e-liquid that contacts 0mg or 0% nicotine.